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Our mission is to respect every human and their palate. Live and let live, help where you can, love often and deeply, and season your food accordingly. 

Satisfy Your HEAT Tooth


WWE wrestler Jerry Sags, reacting to doing a wing challenge with Blackbeard’s Revenge, Rapscallions restaurant, Feb. 2011

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Sauces can be purchased locally at Ward’s Supermarket, Ace Hardware University Ave, and Northwest Seafood-Tioga. Looking for samples? Check out our sample pack here. 

Mango Chipotle

A medium heat sauce with a touch of sweetness. 

Growlin' Gator

 This is a sweeter, milder sauce that has it all- spices, garlic, onions and peppers, as well as a little bite.

Blackbeard's Revenge

The flagship sauce of Castaway! Punishing heat meets complex layers of fruit, peppers, and spice.

Ball Kicker

Orange habaneros, garlic, and friends are having a beach party and your taste buds are invited.

Piña Coco

Piña Coco brings the tropical heat! A sauce with fresh pineapple and coconut cream with the burn of scotch bonnet.

The Bottle Bundle!

All of our fantastic sauces for one low price!

Jimmy A.
Alachua, FL
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“As a University of Florida Gator fan, I love the taste of the milder Growlin’ Gator sauce. Mix in some shredded chicken and put over nachos, and you have a great snack. But the Mango Chipotle will make your taste buds feel like they’re in heaven. It’s a perfect blend of sweet and spice.”
Natasha S.
Gainesville, FL
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“If you want a sweet and spicy sauce, Mango Chipotle is a must! Loved it on chicken wings but it literally is so good, it could go on anything!”
Robert M,
Portland, OR
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“Ball Kicker is great! Finally, a hot sauce with lots of depth and flavor, not just lots of vinegar. The orange habaneros and garlic pack a tasty punch!”
Karen R.
Austin, TX
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“Castaway Sauce Company  comes up with one great flavor after another. Setting the standard for new, unique tastes. My personal favorite is Mango Chipotle. Perfect blend of sweet with a touch of smoky heat on the backside. Use it on shrimp tacos, you won’t be sorry!”

About Our Company

Castaway’s CEO, Shael Morgan, first forayed into the food service business at age 18 while in college. She was a music major, but enjoyed the energy and creativity of restaurants so much, she kept working in them.

The heat of Blackbeard’s Revenge is unrivaled by anything in the market! Try it if you dare. I give it 5 flaming thumbs up!” -Pete R., Galena, OH